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some rain forming from -- you'll see portland to northern california and snow in the highest elevations. that's what you can expect around the nation. the rain we're going to see in parts of the southeast, not quite as heavy as the rain you had in london. i heard you guys talking about that a while ago. i think you guys are developing gills, no question about it. back to you. >> hey, we already have. that's why we have long hair to cover up those gills, yeah. reynolds, thank you very much. >>> up next, we take a look at how markets are set to close out the week on wall street. as we head back to the fiscal cliff talks. >>> welcome back. let's take a look at what's on the agenda today in the u.s. fiscal cliff aside, we'll get a couple of economic reports that wrap up the week, both due out around 10:00 a.m. eastern. first the chicago pmi, it is expected to rise to a reading of about 51 this month. half a point higher than november. pending home sales, a gauge of leading homes. forecast to have risen 1.2% last month. joining us now for more is ishak ichi. we appreciate your time. we know
northern baha, california, according to the usgs. we are just now getting reports of the earthquake and we don't yet know the extent of the damage or the areas affected. >>> in japan, meanwhile, ahead of sunday's election, the rt yeaherly survey shows the manufacturer's mood is plunging, hitting a worse than spec'd reading of minus 12 after being down nine points from the september survey. polls are consistent about which party is likely to become japan's next ruling one. kaori enjoji has more. >> reporter: the japanese prime minister is trying to keep his party in power two days ahead of a general election. the polls are suggesting that the ruling democratic party of japan could face a drubbing and it could pave the way for the return of the liberal democratic party of japan. >> japan is going to have another election due next year. and what abe perhaps is going to do is to use the government machine as much as possible in order for the subject to be increased, to sustain some of the public works because there is another critical juncture coming up because the japanese government is going
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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